Starting a Freelance Writing Business

Freelance is one of the most lucrative jobs today especially if you have the right clients. If you want to be a freelancer, you need to have a computer, good internet connection and a word software to facilitate your writing. There is other software a freelancer can use but Microsoft Word is usually the basic.


Here are some of the reasons you would consider starting a freelance writing business:


  • You will have a flexible schedule
  • You don’t need a lot of investment. Most people who start freelancing require does not require a lot of money to get started
  • There is a wide variety of types of writing. You can choose what interests you or you are competent in
  • There are numerous subjects to cover while you are a freelancer. This means that you don’t get bored while working
  • You can work from anywhere at any given time. You just need to have a computer and internet connection
  • Begin eating food that does not contain carbohydrates because freelancing can cause a whole lot of weight gain.


There are different types of freelance writing and your choice will be determined by your area of expertise, preference, availability of work among other factors. You can choose to be a specialist where you specialize in particular topics, industry or type of writing or a generalist to cover different topics from different industries. The different freelance areas include:


  1. Web content writing

This type of writing is usually related to SEO. The main objective of this content is to get traffic through the use of keywords on websites and social media. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy for most business and for you to be hired as a writer, you need to have experience and skills in using keyword rich web content.


  1. Article writing


This is another form of writing where you write articles on a website as per instructions are given and get paid. You can also be involved in printing magazines, papers and journals. However, your article needs to be accepted before you get paid or for you to get paid. Therefore, you need to follow the instructions given, do a thorough research and have great writing skills.


  1. Blogging


Here a writer creates articles for bloggers as per the topic is given. Bloggers write about different topics or specialize in certain areas e.g. cooking, travelling, relationship, religion, sports etc. You should be comfortable writing the content for the blog.


  1. Technical writing


This is a great field for freelance writers who have a background in technical areas like computers and software. There is a range of topics and ideas to be put in writing depending on the instructions given.


  1. Marketing and advertising copywriting


This involves writing promotional materials, ads, product descriptions, sales letters etc. For you to be a good copywriter, you need to know what people are interested in and how to get their attention for you to market the product. This is one of the most lucrative fields in freelancing especially if you have the experience and skills to do it.


  1. Business plan writer


This involves crafting a business plan to people who want to set up a business. You need to have vast knowledge about different businesses to be able to draft a good plan. If you have attained a degree or a diploma in a business field, this can be a good area to start your freelancing.


  1. Resume writing


There are numerous people who are seeking jobs and they don’t know how to write good resumes. If you know how to do it, you can get started and become a resume writer. You need to know how to present the job seeker to the employer to increase his/her chances of getting the job.


There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers if at all you are passionate, committed and disciplined because most freelance jobs have a timeline. You need to have good grammar, research skills and learn about different writing styles if you are required to add citations.